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Belleza at Cresta Bella

NRP Group and David Hawkins Interior Design needed marketing materials for a hi-end condo development in San Antonio, Texas.  I produced hi-res renderings and an Interactive VR Walkthrough.


Click above to load a web-friendly version of this interactive, or below to download a HD-Size version.





click to go to clients website to see this interactive tour in operation.


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Flying Horse Farms

For Flying Horse Farms we were contracted not only to develop the plan and architectural design of the entire camp, but also to create marketing materials to help kick off the fundraising effort.  In the end, we produced an animation, an interactive presentation, and dozens of renderings.  Below are a few of the unused concept-stage renderings that I found in my archives.  Please also watch the animation and download the interactive presentation for views of the final designs.



Site Plan : Preliminary Layout and Placement of Buildings

Dining Hall and Med Shed : Concepts

Programming Building

Early Cabin Studies

An unused view of the Boathouse

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We created an initial animation for “Cooper Park” in 2009.  In 2012 we had a chance to re-visit the animation for what is now “Sparc”.  The entire animation got a graphics overhaul with enhanced detail, texturing, scenery, lighting, sky, animated video boards, updated interior views, and racing cars.

Original animation created by Michael Breathes.  Video boards by David Sugar.  Additional interior modelling by Mike Steele.


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Canadian Motor Speedway

Conceptual renderings of a new Nascar Speedway in Fort Erie, Ontario.  Co-Sponsored by Jeff Gordon… so we put a #24 on the Canadian Motor Speedway car…




*Garage Cut-Away Scene by Michael Breathes
(I did texturing and the design of the car and various site work for this scene)



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