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Kent State University

To assist with fundraising for their continuing expansion plans, Kent State University has created numerous animations. Below are a few that I have produced recently:



These animations are part of a series that began with the two presentations below, produced by Mike Steele and Shaun Hamm during our time at Glavan ImageWorks. I assisted on the below animations, but was not the project director:

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Red Roof Inn

Since 2008 I have been involved with modeling and rendering Red Roof Inn concepts and helping them visualize their updated corporate identity. This animation was produced for their 2013 Brand Conference, outlining all of the changes that would take place to update one of their older properties to their ‘Plus’ standard.


Red Roof Inn likes to visualize what their changes will be before they make them. They often provide low-res photos which will then be manipulated and expanded to show the impact of the final renovations.

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Apartments at the Yard : Phase Three

Office, Retail and Garage Component for Grandview Yard in Grandview, Ohio



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Apartments at the Yard : Phase Two

New Apartment Buildings for Grandview Yard in Grandview, Ohio



Design / Landscape Progression – I worked with the clients to make continual design updates and get the proper look and feel for the landscaping.

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