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Brookwood Village

Ongoing Evolution of a Retail Center.
Retail plans often change.  This series has been ongoing for the past year or so – as the client narrows in on exactly what they want to do with the space, and what type of tenants are interested. 

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33 South Palm

Hi-Res living overlooking Sarasota Bay.

This view is one of the most ambitious renderings I’ve ever completed – due to the sheer scope of modelling involved. Everything seen here is modelled and rendered – with the exception of the far distant background. All interiors showing, the entire few blocks of Sarasota, the pier and waterfront, etc. Thanks to Shaun Hamm for some modelling assistance.

Click the above image to launch an Interactive Virtual Reality Presentation. There are three areas to this presentation: The Main Living Area / Kitchen, The Bedroom, and The Exterior Streetscape. Click, hold and drag (use your finger on your phone or tablet) to look around the scene. The doors are interactive links to the next area.

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140 W. 42nd Street

The developer wanted renderings to show prospective tenants their visibility in the space. Since NYC is 80% covered in scaffolding and tarps, I was tasked with creating views with everything removed.
Looking Towards Broadway – Times Square in the background.These are the ‘generic’ version of the renderings. ‘Tenant-Specific’ versions are also being created as needed.Thank you to Shaun Hamm for assistance on this cross-section view.

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